About Bridget’s!

420 W. Belmont, where Bridget’s is located, has been a restaurant since anyone can remember. There are rumors that it was once a Chinese restaurant and before that, a gas station. However, more recently it’s been an English Pub (the early 2000s), an Irish Pub (2004-2013) and is now, in its most recent incarnation, a modern interpretation of the classic public house. We’ve kept the McNeill’s name but most people know us as Bridget’s or simply, ‘the pub.’ Rarely a week goes by where a new Lakeview resident comes in for the first time and doesn't equate us to ‘Cheers.’ With a full-length shuffleboard table, steel tip dart board, fireplace, board games, team trivia, full bar and dinner menu, brunch on the weekends, competitively priced happy hour and daily specials, and a caring crew of employees, we offer a little of something for everyone. The kitchen serves up elevated pub fare using fresh ingredients and homemade recipes, delivering a menu that brings together commonly loved classics with a modern twist on your familiar favorites. Now that you’ve found us, next time you’re walking by, come on in and say hello. A betting man (you’ll find him at the bar with an English accent) would wager that you won’t be disappointed. We look forward to meeting you!

About the Owners: A Fairy Tale in the making.

Bridget McNeill’s has a long and colorful history, but the “Bridget’s” you experience today is the creation of owners Sam and Tara. And, just like Bridget’s history, Sam and Tara’s story started in Lakeview. In fact, Sam and Tara’s story started at Bridget’s! Like Bridget’s is for so many today, it was – and remains – their favorite local pub. Both living nearby, single and strangers at the time, they met at a Bridget’s Trivia Night in 2009 and a started dated shortly thereafter. They even shared their first kiss at Bridget’s (we will spare you the details)! Now married, Sam and Tara remain excited to share the Bridget’s’ experience with new patrons and long-time loyalists alike.

Part of why they fell in love with Bridget’s was for its history and its charm. Much like how Bridget’s united two strangers and created a bond with Sam and Tara, the pub continues to turn neighbors into friends one day at a time. The team is committed to providing a place for the community to gather and unwind and you’ll sometimes see the couple helping in the kitchen or quenching their thirst with some new found friends- please feel welcome to introduce yourself and share YOUR story. You never know, you might find yourself playing Trivia by the back fireplace on a stormy weeknight and meet your future love, too.

See you soon and hope you stay a while.